About A4V

About A4V









With locations in North Hollywood and

Santa Clarita California, A4V Digital is a full

service, state of the art studio providing

audio post production, recording and

rental services.

At the heart of A4V Digital studios

are the latest Digidesign Pro Tools HD &

Mix 24-Bit digital audio workstations.

The studio includes a Mackie Digital 8 Bus

console, Genelec & Urei monitors

and a full range of outboard effects

and signal processors.

complementing the large isolation booth

are a selection of Neumann, Shure,

AKG and Sennheiser microphones.


osA4V Digital Equipment


Console / Digital Audio Workstation:

-Mackie Digital 8 Bus

-ProTools HD

Digital Workstations


-2-Neve 1073 Mic-Pre/Eq

-2-Neve 1272 MicPre

-Summit Stereo Tube Compressor

-2- Aphex 661 Tube Compressors

-Aphex Compellor


-2-Behringer Composers 

-2-Alesis 3630 Compressor

-2-Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster 

-Sans Amp Guitar Pre

-2-Drawmer stereo gates

-EV7474 N/Dyn


-AKG C 414 TL II

-AKG C 414 EB

-AKG C 451 EB

-AKG C 1000S

-N-Neumann M-149

-2-Neumann KM-84

-4-Sennheiser 421

-4 AKG C 408

-Shure Beta 52

-Shure Beta 57

-Shure VP-88 Stereo Mic

Video Decks:

-Phillps VRA 999PH

-Sony 3/4" VO-9850

-DVD Decks


Tape Machines /Synchronizers:

-Alesis Adats

-Tascam DA78HR 24/16Bit

-Tascam DA88 16Bit

-Tascam DA-45 24/16Bit Dat

-Tascam DA40 16Bit Dat

-Alesis BRC

-Digidesign USD & Sync

Audio Monitors:

-Urei 813 B Time Aligned monitors

-Genelec 1031A

-Yamaha NS10M


-JBL/THX Subwoofer

Effects Processors

-TC Electronics M3000

-TC Electronics 2290 w/32 sec Sampling

-Eventide H-3000 Ultra Harmonizer

-Lexicon PCM-90

-Lexicon PCM-80

-Lexicon PCM-60

Roland SRV-2000

Roland SDE-3000

Roland RSP-550


Video Monitors:

-Sony 32" Trinitron

-Sony 27" Trinitron

-Sony 13" Trinitron

CD Recorders/Burners:

-Fostex CR300

-Phillips CR300

-Phillips CDR760

-Plextor 8x24

MIDI Gear:

Akai MPC-3000

Akai S-3200XL 32Meg Ram

Akai S-1000HD 32Meg Ram

Alesis D-4

Alesis D-5

Emu Proteus One

Emu Proformance

Kat 3.0 Midi Drum Controller

Korg Trinity Rack

Korg Wavestation SR

Korg 01W/FD

Korg M-3R

Logic Audio

Korg Triton

Korg Wavestation EX

Kurzweil K-1000 Keyboard

Kurzweil K-1000R

Kurzweil K-2000R

Kurzweil Piano Module

Oberheim Matrix 1000

Moog-Memory Moog

Prophet VS Rack

Prophet 2002

Roland JV-880 W/Pop Expander

Roland JV-880 W/Orch Expander

Roland JV-1080

Roland MKS-80

Roland MSE-1 String Module

Yamaha TX-802

Yamaha DX-7

Yamaha TX-7

Workstation / Software:

Mac G5 with

Digital Performer

Protools HD or Mix

FX Sound Library

SSample Librarya


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